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Simplifying the management of ticket sales and RSVP's one click at a time

How It Works

Reservation Cloudware allows users to sell tickets for multiple times in one day, provides RSVP options for free events, manages inventory, and processes orders, collecting payment for events at time of check out.

Mobile Ready

Your guests are purchasing your wine online from their mobile device - making reservations to events should not be an exception. Wine Club members and guests can view your event calendar and purchase or reserve tickets with ease from the convenience of their cell phone.

An Included Service

Leading third party services typically charge users a start-up fee as well as a transaction fee every time a ticket is sold. The Xüdle reservation module is included in the suite of tools and does not have an additional transaction fee or monthly charge.

Fully Integrated

The reservation system is simply another feature that is completely integrated with our other Cloudware tools including ecommerce, wine club and POS. Our goal is to provide wineries with a comprehensive service that allows them to assist customers holistically, resulting in better customer data and consequently stronger marketing abilities.