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Extend your product reach online


Build and maintain valuable new and existing relationships with your customers by having a better understanding of their needs and behaviors. Gain insight into your customer's purchase and club history making it easy to personalize every customer experience.


Managing product inventory and keeping product details current for selling wine, events, clubs, and merchandise has never been easier. Manage customer ratings and reviews and assign suggested items to specific products to encourage more purchases.

Wine Clubs

With Xüdle e-commerce not only can you sell your memberships online but your members can manage and update their member information including addresses, credit card information and more. Plus, take advantage of Xüdle's statistics and view member purchase history to help intensify sales. Setup and control as many different wine club programs as you want including offline clubs (for example, employee discounts). Learn More about our Wine Club software.

Mobile E-Commerce

As mobile e-commerce continues to gain traction it is imperative to provide a seamless and efficient mobile experience for the success of your online sales. With Xüdle e-commerce, we extend the online shopping experience to a modified mobile version – allowing your guests the ability to make purchases and manage their membership account with ease from their mobile device.


Email messages are sent automatically to your customer at key events (for example when a customer joins a wine club or makes a purchase through the web store). Email messages can also be setup for marketing purposes and purchase incentives to boost sales and exposure.

And Then Some

Event Tickets

Create and list details for events to sell tickets online to customers and wine club members through your web store. Control ticket inventory amounts, ticket options and set tiered pricing for adult, child, and wine club member exclusive prices.

Tour Bookings

Allow customers to quickly book winery tours online and interact with your booking calendar to check availability from the comfort of your web store.

SEO Tools

Benefit from using the Xüdle SEO admin tools by easily managing your meta-data to have a greater impact on search engine robots. Xüdle also gives you the option to setup custom URL's to be keyword rich and optimize your page indexing in search engines. The Xüdle system has been developed to meet W3C transitional XHTML standards, delivering our solutions in search engine friendly code formatting.

Shipping Tools

Xüdle offers many different options for providing shipping rates in your online orders. If working with UPS, choose real time shipping rates for a seamless integration. If working with FedEx or GSO opt to customize a flat rate shipping schedule. Export your orders for label printing and import to include tracking information into Xüdle. Plus, take advantage of our admin tool which allows for up-charging to cover handling or supply costs.

& Compliance

The Xüdle system allows you to limit sales by person, address, volume and destination. Stay compliant by taking control of which states you ship to and regulate rules for alcohol shipments. ShipCompliant subscriber? Use our export tools to seamlessly import your ship to orders into ShipCompliant.


Your customer's payment and personal information is safe with us. Xüdle meets PCI compliance guidelines and protects cardholder data. All sensitive information such as login credentials, personal and payment information is encrypted when being transmitted over the internet using SSL technology. In addition, our entire infrastructure lives behind an enterprise data center.


With many powerful built-in reporting tools that help you make the most out of your marketing campaigns, you can get a clear view of how effective promotions are with statistics on promo codes and gain a better understanding of your customers with the cart abandonment tool.

Account Access

Allow restricted access within your Xüdle system for members of your staff. Multiple accounts can be setup and levels of access can be managed for specific user accounts to various admin tools, features and aspects of your website and store.

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